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Morris Dec blog 2023

While the winter holidays bring great joy, they can also be a little hectic. Brainstorming HOA events might not be at the top of your list of priorities. That’s why we’re sharing seven ways to build holiday spirit – and three things to consider – to help your community association celebrate the season together.

Building Spirit in your HOA Community this Holiday Season

The November-to-January holiday season is the most festive time of the year, making it the perfect opportunity for your HOA and Condo Community Association’s to foster a stronger sense of community. Forging more robust connections between homeowners and your association – and with each other – improves communication, trust and engagement. This, in turn, leads to fewer serious disputes, more involved members, and a more attractive, welcoming community.

While the winter holidays bring great joy, they can also be a little hectic. Brainstorming HOA events might not be at the top of your list of priorities. That’s why we’re sharing seven ways to build holiday spirit – and three things to consider – to help your community association celebrate the season together.

Seven Ways to Build Holiday Spirit in your Community Association 


1. Send heartfelt holiday greetings. 

Start the season by sending holiday cards or emails to all residents. This simple gesture requires minimal effort but goes a long way in making homeowners feel valued and connected, especially those unable to attend planned community events.

You don’t have to buy a generic box of holiday cards to send out. There are many websites that can help you design and print or email season’s greetings that have meaning to the residents of your community. 

2. Decorate common areas. 

Transform the common areas of your community association with festive decorations such as twinkling lights, sparkling garlands, and a decorated tree. Beautifying spaces like the entrance, clubhouse, or community center creates a welcoming and festive atmosphere for all residents.

There are attractive holiday decorations for every budget. If you have a smaller holiday budget, you can send out a request for volunteers to help hang decorations instead of paying for a service. Tip: Choose LED lights and install a timer that turns them off and on to save energy. 

3. Hold a holiday decorating contest. 

Encourage creativity and friendly competition by organizing a contest for the best-decorated home in the HOA. This type of contest spreads joy throughout the neighborhood. Plus, it can be a great motivator to get residents engaged and into the holiday spirit.

Many HOAs have rules about decorating homes for the holidays. An organized holiday decorating contest is also a good way to reinforce the community rules and rein in some of the more enthusiastic decorators in a positive way. 

4. Coordinate a toy or food drive. 

There’s no better time than the holidays to help underprivileged people. Foster a sense of giving in your community by setting up collection points where your residents can donate toys, food, or other items to those in need. 

Partner with charities or organizations to ensure these collected goods reach those who could benefit most during the holiday season. When you work with local groups, you also foster a sense of belonging in the larger community. 

5. Organize a caroling event. 

Singing holiday carols is a fun and festive way to bring your community together. It’s also an excellent way to spread joy to both the residents participating and those fortunate enough to be serenaded.

Print  lyric sheets and arrange for some hot cocoa and egg nog to add an extra cup of cheer to the occasion. 

6. Share holiday recipes. 

From rum balls to sugar-glazed ham, we all have favorite holiday recipes. Help your community learn more about each other by putting together a digital or physical cookbook featuring holiday recipes contributed by residents. 

Once you’ve compiled the recipes, you can distribute your community’s holiday cookbook to everyone in the HOA. Not only does this cookbook create an opportunity for residents to try new dishes, but they’ll also feel more connected to their community association.

7. Encourage support for local businesses. 

Local businesses are a valuable part of the wider community. According to data gathered by Quickbooks in 2022, the holiday season accounts for nearly 65% of the annual revenue for small businesses. By encouraging residents to shop locally for their holiday needs, you can help support local businesses, which helps foster a healthy local economy. 

Showcase local businesses in HOA newsletters or emails to draw attention to what is available close to home. You can also emphasize the benefits – like better customer service and product knowledge – of keeping holiday spending within the community association.

3 Things to Consider in Your Community Association this Holiday Season


  1. Foster a sense of inclusivity. Your community is made up of all types of people from different backgrounds. It’s important to emphasize the significance of embracing diversity and respecting various holiday traditions within the HOA. By promoting tolerance and understanding, you ensure all residents feel welcome and included in the holiday celebrations.
  2. Remember the timeline for decorations. When organizing decorating events, be mindful of when holiday decorations should be taken down and include reminders during the contest. No one wants to see drooping holiday decorations still hanging around in March. Keep your community tidy and well-maintained by checking with your management company for specific holiday decorating guidelines.
  3. Review guidelines for exterior decorations on attached condo units. Because condo residents are sharing a structure, it’s important to make sure any decorations are safe and not a nuisance to other community members. Check with your management company to ensure compliance with guidelines surrounding holiday decorations. This allows you to spread a little holiday spirit while maintaining a uniform and aesthetically pleasing community facade.

By incorporating these festive ideas and considerations into your HOA's holiday plans, you're not only creating a joyful atmosphere but also strengthening the bonds that make a community thrive. This proactive, personable, and community-focused approach ensures that the holiday season builds stronger connections and creates positive experiences for the homeowners in your community.

If you’re looking for exceptional management services to help enhance your community, Morris Management, Inc. is here to help. Get in touch to discuss your HOA management needs.

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