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Have Questions About the Community Association Management Services We Provide to Your HOA or Condo? Ask Away!

What does the Association’s insurance cover?
What does my homeowners insurance need to include?
When do I need to get ACC (Architectural Control Committee) Approval for putting in my back yard landscaping?
Why are my HOA dues the same as everyone else's when I only have a 1 bedroom unit vs. the townhomes with 3 bedrooms?
I live in a single family home. Why is it okay for homeowners to park in the street?
I keep paying my monthly fees, but I don’t see anything happening around here.
Will my fees keep going up?
Why doesn’t the management company alert me when there are security issues going on in my neighborhood?
Can I plant some flowers along the walkway up to my unit?
What are we doing about people who take up all the parking?
How can I find out who is on the Board and how to contact them directly?
Who is supposed to be insuring that my neighbor is following the covenants?
What do my fees cover?
Who is supposed to make sure my neighbor is obeying the “quiet time” rules?
How can I get on the Board so I can make sure we’re not spending too much money?
Can we put in a community pool? Tennis court? Security Gates?

I sent my check on the 15th; didn't you see the postmark?